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Published: 01st April 2010
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Muscle Gaining Secrets To A Great Upper Body - Big Chest - Back - Shoulders - Dips & Chins

Enthusiastic about learning one or two muscle gaining systems to build a great upper body thru two straightforward exercises? Well read on and you may be excited to discover how much muscle mass gains you can make to your upper body in a comparatively brief time thru these 2 billiant exercises.

My intro to a couple of these muscle gaining systems came about more by co-incidence instead of by design. I was lucky to meet a fella who I spotted working out on a jungle gym at our local park. This occurred almost daily without fail for two weeks.

Finally curiosity got the best of me so I went over and asked him what he was doing. He introduced himself as Tomas, he was about 43 though he looked 12 years younger, of Lebenese descent, about 5'5' short build with a great muscle-bound upper body, chest, arms, shoulders and wide back.

I recognized one of the exercises, chin ups and the other vertical press ups between 2 parallel bars, typically called dips. While these exercises looked simple enough, they were truthfully a couple of the hardest exercises to perform which was one of the real reasons many gymnasium fans' never did them.

But the ones that endured succeeded in making moderately fast muscle gains to their upper bodies in a comparatively brief time.

After a commentry on the advantages of these 2 exercises and how they were to be performed I was invited them a go.

Understanding that Tomas was pumping out twenty often 30 dips at a time followed by a collection of 10-15 chin ups I was certain that this can't be to intense. Well much to my suprise, I am ashamed to say I reached 5 dips before crumbling in a heap. Then trying to follow that up with a collection of five chin ups, i think i managed 2 and half before again falling down in a heap.

I tried to excuse my sad endeavour by pronouncing I had not done this before but Tomas wasn't impressed. Well my curiosity satisfied I quickly made some excuse about having to go, but before I left he made me agree to come back the day after and have another go.

Naturally Idid return for more pain and suffering and I am satisfied I did, because Tommy did divulge to me some of his systems to his great upper body muscle gains. One of the most constructive tips he gave me was, do everything in sets. Little numbers at first and build up from there. As an example, try to do one set of five dips first and then attempt to do another set of 5 till I could do five sets of five.

After I was satisfied doing that, increase the number to eight reps. Do 5 sets of eight reps, then try to do five sets of 10 reps and this applied to both dips and chins. Remember begin with small numbers and build on those. Before you know it you too will have made fast muscle gains to your higher body, with bigger definition and strength.

The correct way to PERFORM THESE 2 EXERCISES :

This upward pushing movement between two parallel bars is the most productive way to gain strength and size in the chest, shoulders back and triceps. To perform simply place your hands at approximately shoulder width apart on the parallel bars.

A little leaning forward, lower your body till your upper arms are parallel to the bars, you can go lower to get a bigger stretch if you like, this is harder naturally and then push back to the top position with the elbows in the locked position. Repeat the movement with elbows by your sides throughout the movement. Don't let them flare out. Try for 5 if you are new to this exercise.

This exercise needs the employment of lots of the upper body muscles, partcularly the back, shoulders and arms which is quiet hard. To begin with place your hands on the up bar, grabbing the bar with a touch wider than shoulder grip. The broader the better.

There are two ways in which you can grip the bar, palms facing you or palms facing in the other way. Palms facing you will give the biceps a larger workout. Facing away from you can give you a broader muscly back and lats workout.

To start pull all of the way up so that your chin touches the bar. Maintain your body weight for a second and then let yourself down slowly. Repeat and try to do five reps. This is an especially tough exercise to do when done properly.


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